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pole instructor helping client do an inversion

Private Lessons 

Welcome to our exclusive Private Lessons page! If you're seeking an intimate, personalized, and tailored learning experience, then these sessions are made for you.

We offer an array of unique one-on-one and small group sessions with experienced instructors who are dedicated to your growth and improvement.

Our structured packages are as follows:

- A One-on-One session for $100 (click here)
- A Two-on-One session for $180 (click here)
- A Three-on-One session for $270 (click here)

- Studio Rental session for $100/hr (minimum two hours) (click here)

-Four Private sessions for $350 (click here)

Choosing Private Lessons puts you at the forefront of the learning experience. With dedicated attention from our professional instructors, you'll enjoy the advantage of enhanced corrections, fined-tuned adjustments, detailed demonstrations and the opportunity to progress at your own pace. 

These private sessions allow you to dive deeper into the art of pole dancing, focusing on your unique goals and interests, whether they be improving your strength, stamina, flexibility, or overall dance techniques. This tailored approach lends greater effectiveness to the learning process and brings about significant improvements faster.

To ensure the highest quality service and preparation, we kindly request a 48-hour notice before your scheduled session. This allows our instructors to curate the perfect lesson plan for you, making every session as productive as possible.

Dive into the enriching experience of Private Lessons and bring your pole dancing skills to new heights. We've created this journey to be as engaging, effective, and enjoyable as possible. Welcome to a learning experience customized uniquely for you.

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