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No Experience Required! 


Welcome to Vertical Addicts where it's all about building strength, confidence and grace through pole dancing and sensual movement. 

We are thrilled to offer our four week Intro to Pole Series, specially designed for beginners who want to dip their toes into the exciting world of pole dancing. In this series, you will learn the foundational moves that form the basis of all pole dance routines. 

At Vertical Addicts, we believe that pole dancing is not just about the physical benefits, but also about building confidence and self-worth. Through the Intro to Pole Series, you'll build strength  while also learning to embrace your femininity and feel empowered in your skin. 

Please keep in mind that at any moment, pole sharing with one of your new found pole sisters may happen if there are more than 7 attendees. Ask us about our Welcome Package for all your pole essential needs! Pole grip, pole shorts, a pole shirt, and Vertical Addicts bag all included!

pole Studio pic.

Intro to: Pole Four Week Series

Instructor: Venus

Tuesday May 14th - June 4th, 6:05pm

Upcoming Schedule: Intro to Pole 4 Week Series 

Tuesday May 14th - June 4th 6:05pm

Monday May 20th - June 10th 6:05pm

Thursday May 23rd - June 13th 6:05pm

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