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Our Pole Studio Movement

Vertical Addicts empowers feminine energy to unlock their inner potential through pole dancing and sensual movement which in return makes "me time" fun again.  We inspire women to own who they are even when self doubt starts knocking on the door. We support women with taking risks within themselves to ultimately propel them forward. We focus on reminding women that their light is their power and to never allow anyone to take away or dim the light they have within them.

We are here to promote continuous growth which will lead to success in a world full of doubters. 

Ready to get started today?

In order to gain access to our members only studio all new students must start with our Intro to Pole Four Week Series. Each series is held once a week!


We believe that the most successful way to start your new pole journey is by creating a consistent schedule, learning with the same people, and coming to class at the same time in order to start a routine.

Upon completion of the series you will have the opportunity to continue taking our Intro to Pole Four Week Series until you feel comfortable enough to move on to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? We work with those with absolutely zero experience and you will accomplish new moves and hopefully turn that light on that's inside of you.  You can definitely do this! 

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