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It's More Than Just Pole Dancing


We have the key to unlock the shackles that’s stopping you from reaching peak levels! This is more than just pole dancing. Our pole studio is where we focus on self and learn how to own it, which helps make 'me time' fun again. Our beginner pole dancing and sensual movement classes don't require any experience. We accept you as you are and build from there. 

Ready to start your pole journey? Join our Intro to Pole 4 Week series



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Classes must be canceled at least 3 hours prior to the start of class. Spaces are limited so please cancel ahead of time to give someone else the opportunity to embark on this experience. A late cancellation/no show fee of $10 will be automatically applied to your account if you cancel your class within 3 hours of the start of class. You will not be allowed to register for class if there is a balance on your account so please hold yourself accountable. 


We have a strict no refund policy with all our purchase options, this includes: pole parties, memberships, classes, workshops, merchandise, and series. 

  1. Please do not wear outside shoes in the studio. We roll around on the floor so please be respectful of that. 

2.  While waiting for your class to begin, please respect the class that is currently in session by speaking quietly. 
3. We ask that you have full participation in all classes and please refrain from doing your own thing while class is in session. 
4. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we will not allow you into class because we must warm up in order to prevent injury and being late, will cause you to miss out on our warm up

5. We are not responsible for any of your belongings this includes in the parking lot or in studio 

6. Prices and schedule are subject to change at any moment. 
7. Please do not touch or lean on our mirrors

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