INTRO TO POLE 4 Week Series  

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you never stop!”

Brand new to pole dancing? Our Intro to Pole Series is exactly what you need to learn all the basic techniques to pole fitness! It’s highly suggested to move on to our Intro to Inversions and Climbs Series once you have seen progress and can execute the moves taught in this series with ease.  


*There is no rush to move to the next level so stay here until you are ready to progress. 

**You are important to us, so our 4 week series will include extra perks to help you become successful. Give us a call to find out more!



 Oct 13th-Nov 3rd

Every Thursday at 8:10pm 

Instructor: Venus 

Now that you have learned the basics of pole dancing in our Intro to Pole (4) Week Series, it's time to focus on learning to be upside down or all the way to the top of the pole with ease! This series will show you first hand how successful you will be by not being afraid to fail. It will teach you how to build trust within yourself and mold you into talking positively to yourself. We will unlock those basic inversions, various pole moves going up the pole, and different styles of climbing the pole.

This series is good for you if you have completed our Intro to Pole Series. Please make sure that you know the foundations of a basic invert before registering for this series which is taught in our Intro to Pole Series. Upon completion of this series, you will learn various moves that will allow you to progress in your pole journey! We ask that you progress to Level One upon completion of this series.




Pole Dancing is a challenge just like any other workout. Our Pole Conditioning class will prepare those muscles to endure those new pole moves. Squats, active flexibility, jumps, crunches, you name it. There’s a high success rate of accomplishing inversions and climbs if you take Pole Conditioning classes.



Ready to dress up in your favorite pole outfit and dance to your own beat? Well open pole is perfect you. No instructor is involved. Just you and the pole. Use this time to practice all those new pole moves that you previously learned, practice some low flow or floor work, performance rehearsal, or make new pole videos to post on social media (don’t forget to tag Vertical Addicts). It’s all about you during this one hour session



Whether you are arching that back, whining your hips, or caressing your body, we do it all in our Liquid Motion based Floor Addiction class! Forget about those eight counts in this class! We move to the beat of our own drum over here! We love beginners and all levels. Don’t forget those heels and knee pads!



Get ready to slink, body wave, grind, and twirl all around the chair and the pole! In this 60 min class you will spend several weeks learning a choreographed routine so you can really take your time and get to add your special touch to each routine! Beginners are encouraged to take this class!



Learn how to be thready, slinky, and flowy by tapping into that Sensual Gawdess energy! There's something about a woman when she can tap in and flow.

This low flow pole class is great for learning choreography around the pole.

This class is for all levels but you must know the basics of pole such as dip arounds and grip switches, and basic spins, because this class will use these terms. Our Intro to Pole Series and classes will assist you with learning these basic terms. 
We highly suggest incorporating this class with regular pole classes because the two classes work together. 

We offer Intro to Exotic Gawdess & Exotic Gawdess Intermediate- Advanced Classes 



Join us twice a week to work on being more bendy and flexy as we work on back, hips, shoulders, and more! We highly recommend this class for beginners since flexibility comes up at some point during each person’s pole journey.